The Transport Development Fund

Since 1989, Transportens Udviklingsfond (the Transport Development Fund) has worked to secure the future of freight transport in Denmark. We launch initiatives and support good ideas that develop the industry and demonstrate its value. The fund maintains a special focus on promoting and developing training programmes for the freight transport industry.

Ultimately, the goal is to create an attractive future for employees and companies in the organised labour market of the Danish freight transport industry.

The Danish freight transport unions and associations ATL (Transportens Arbejdsgivere) and 3F (Fagligt Fælles Forbund) are the organisations behind Transportens Udviklingsfond.

The purpose of the fund

Transportens Udviklingsfond initiates, supports and implements a wide range of projects. Common to all projects is that they develop and create value for the entire freight transport industry – for the benefit of companies, employees and educational institutions.

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Development of freight transport

We initiate and support initiatives that contribute to the development of freight transport and ensure a future workforce in the field of transport.

Joint courses

We establish joint courses and other forms of training for 3F members and company representatives in areas relevant to the future of transport.


We support conferences for representatives from corporate management and 3F members on future training needs and systems related to the transport sector's development opportunities.

Pilot projects

We establish pilot projects that gather experience and knowledge about new teaching methods and educational content.


We support research on future qualifications and training needs.


We provide grants to establish new training programmes in the transport sector.

Do you have a suggestion or an idea of what you think we should work on? Or do you want to apply for funding for a project? Write to us here.

Business grants

Is your company a member of ATL? Så udbetaler Transportens Udviklingsfond lærlingebonus, mentorbonus, giver støtte til studieture, refunderer svendeprøvegebyrer og betaler bogpakker til jeres lærling under uddannelsen.



Representatives of 3F


Kim René Busch

Member of the board

Mike Stirling
3F Kastrup



Member of the board

Flemming Overgaard

Member of the board

Christian Sørensen
Faglig sekretær

Representatives of ATL

Deputy Chairman

Peter B. Jepsen
Direktør for HR og Kommunikation

Member of the board

Lars William Wesch
Fondsadministrator og Branchedirektør i ATL

Member of the board

Henrik Tofteng

Member of the board

Hanne Bødker-Petersen
Adm. Direktør


Head of Projects

Magnus Købke
Phone +45 2261 5960